Friday, August 01, 2008

Good blog post: "What is atheism?"

John Wilkins over at science blogs has written an interesting philosophical post regarding atheism.

Lately, its seems like the atheists have really come out of their shells and started aggressively attacking religion. I don't consider myself religious but I respect those who do to the extent that they aren't offended.

Do atheist really need to be so rude and obnoxious to get their point across?


  1. Yes. Being polite hasn't worked.

    As for rude... you do realize what you consider rudeness barely passes for rudeness in any other sphere. We are talking kid gloves on something that approaches organized insanity.

  2. Sometimes the only way to fight fire is with fire , specially when the use of water has been often tried and failed for many many years.Religion has been agressively attacking humanity for years , splitting and deviding and using torture

    under the well trodden long held disguise and protection of religious freedom .

    Funny how when these folk get a small taste of their own medicine they cry unfair .Like a child having had to face that life doesnt always revolve only around their wants .

    Think about it from another angle, take global warming as a subject .It is a problem that effects us all on this planet whether we like it or not .A problem that if not addressed in the near future , most likely will bite us all where it hurts .

    Should we approach this matter softly softly hoping to not upset anyone .Or should this problem be faced upfront and told like it is , in knowing that there may not be alot of time to wait for change to take place .

    Atheists or those that are non religious may seem to be agressive to some , maybe some miss a point that this agression might actually partly be an uprising in the knowledge of the need for change .

    Religion has not produced the love and peace that it has for so long suggested it contains .This world needs some love and peace more than it ever has needed before .People have patiently and quietly waited with respect for thousands of years , for religion to produce what it advertises .

    Passion needs to be seen as being abit differnt to just being total agression .