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Revelation: The Unseen War

This is one of the more interesting posts I've seen on craigslist yet.

Revelation: The Unseen War

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Date: 2008-07-28, 9:05AM CDT

There is an unseen war that goes on in our world today between t he forces of good and the forces of evil. The good are the people who are working to make a positive difference that will lead to a better world to live in and prosperity for all. The forces of evil are actively working against the forces of good. They want to make living in the world a misery that never ends. Some of them are actually demonic creatures disguised as humans. They may not even be consciously aware of this, which makes them more difficult to detect. Typically they take try to get into positions of power and influence. Some of their common traits are people that greedy, glutinous and constantly working to undermine anyone that is on the side of good. This is often the reason why people who are good have difficulty working for large corporations. What can we do? We have to expose them for what they truly are. If you spot them, make note of it and bring them to the attention of your spirit guide. Your spirit guide works to protect you against the forces of evil. Praying is a way of speaking to your spirit guide. If you find that are being threatened by a demonic creature pray for help. There is a specialized task force of “Light Bringers” that actively pursue demons and their minions in the spirit world. They won’t kill them out right because the demonic creature would just be put into a new disguise, free to do evil again and even more difficult to root out. What the light bringers do is bring these demonic creatures to light in the real world then real justice is dealt through the courts. The demonic creatures are then sent to prison where they can do no harm to anyone. When ever you see someone of power and influence being indicted, there is a good chance that it’s actually a demonic creature.

So what do you think, for real, fiction or just plain nuts?