Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Recently, there has been a bit of a controversy over the movie "Expelled" and a certain college professor being expelled from a screening event at the Mall of America. Apparently, he had signed up on the expelled RSVP website and included some guests. While waiting in line to see the film he was told by security that he had to leave the theater or be arrested. Ironic that a person who made a movie about exclusion would choose to exclude someone they interviewed for the movie from seeing the film. That is second rate public relations at best.

From what I understand, Dr. Myers and Dawkins were conned into participation by being deceived into thinking it would be a neutral documentary about evolution vs. Intelligent Design. Instead, it's an awful creationist film that tries to claim that academics are behaving like fascist. In my humble opinion, the creationist are the ones behaving badly now. They should just own up to having made an awful film and having wrongfully excluded a genial participant from the free viewing.

You might have noticed the Expelled ads running on my blog. These are because of Google ad words that I signed-up for a long time ago.

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