Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Green Tip: Buy a Thermos

Everyone seems to be interested in conserving water and power these days. Using too much power increases our Co2 emissions contributing to global warming. Wasting water depletes our fresh water supply and does damage to our ecosystems.

Here's a tip; buy a thermos, the kind that can store hot drinks (coffee, tea, etc) and helps to keep it hot for hours at a time. When you heat water for coffee or tea, put the excess hot water or hot drink into the thermos for later use. This way you don't waste as much water or energy when you're thirsty later in the day.

I use a thermos for taking herbal tea to work since we don't have many other tea drinkers. Just one tea pot full of hot water is good enough for 3-4 cups of hot tea.

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